Neumann TLM 49 Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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Neumann TLM 49
Neumann TLM 49
Neumann TLM 49
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 Neumann TLM 49 Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Featuring the same K 47 capsule as the classic, highly desired U 47 and M 49 microphones, the Neumann TLM 49 large-diaphragm condenser mic provides the warm sonic signature of those tube mics along with reliable, low-noise FET circuitry and a clean, transformerless output. By combining "old" sound with new technology, the TLM 49 serves as an ideal choice for vocalists, broadcasters, and producers who need a vintage tone they can depend on.

The large-diaphragm capsule of the TLM 49 provides a cardioid directional characteristic with a tendency toward supercardioid, especially at high frequencies. It yields a smooth frequency response throughout the lows and midrange; above 2 kHz there is a slight presence boost to impart a silky texture. As the mic receives high SPLs over 110 dB, it is designed to exude gentle saturation in the same way tube circuits do. The TLM 49 is supplied with the EA 3 spider-style shockmount, which effectively protects the microphone from structure-borne noise.

Vintage Tone with New Technology

Many engineers long for the smooth sound of classic tube microphones of the 1950s. Unfortunately, vintage originals come at staggering prices and are often in need of maintenance. For those who want a recording tool rather than a collector's item, Neumann has developed an elegant solution, the TLM 49. It combines the sonic excellence of Neumann's legendary U 47 and M 49 microphones with the convenience and high reliability of an updated phantom-powered microphone. Its looks are classic, too.

An M 49 for the New Age

As the model number implies, the TLM 49 is inspired by its famous precursor, the legendary Neumann M 49, a microphone associated with countless jazz and pop recordings of the 1950s and '60s. The TLM 49 shares the same large, acoustically open headgrille and the same large diaphragm condenser capsule design. This classic K 47 capsule, renowned for its unsurpassed sonic elegance, was also used in the Neumann U 47, the vocal mic of choice for Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, and scores of famous artists up to the present day.

Re-Engineering the Past

The main difference between the TLM 49 and its famous predecessors lies in its electronic circuit. Instead of electron tubes, the TLM 49's head amplifier uses reliable transformerless solid-state FET technology, yet with a special sound design that closely reproduces the sonics of tube circuits. For instance, the TLM 49 intentionally produces soft saturation at higher sound pressure levels, resulting in a seemingly low max SPL figure of 110 dB for 0.5% THD, rising slowly to 5% at 129 dB SPL. The TLM 49 thus captures the sound and dynamic behavior of its legendary precursors without the inconvenience of an external PSU or expensive tube replacements, yet with a substantially improved self-noise figure of only 12 dBA.


The TLM 49 has a fixed cardioid pattern and is designed mainly as a microphone for vocalists, but its clear bass and superb midrange with a gentle presence boost above 2 kHz will produce excellent results with various instruments, too, such as acoustic guitar and upright bass.

Features at a Glance

  • Same capsule as legendary Neumann U 47 and M 49 microphones
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Classic sound for silky vocals
  • Large, acoustically open headgrille
  • Transformerless solid-state circuit with tube sound characteristics
  • Very low self-noise (12 dBA)
  • XLR 3-pin output connector
  • 48V phantom powered
  • Includes shockmount

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