Neumann TLM 193 Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Studio Condenser Microphone

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Neumann TLM 193
Neumann TLM 193
Neumann TLM 193
Neumann TLM 193
Neumann TLM 193
Neumann TLM 193
Neumann TLM 193
TLM 193
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Neumann TLM 193 Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Studio Condenser Microphone

The TLM 193 Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Studio-Condenser Microphone from Neumann is a large-diaphragm microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. The microphone uses a transformerless circuit, featuring low self-noise and large dynamic range. The polar response is very linear over a wide incidence angle. Signals coming from the side are reproduced without coloration. The exposed surface of the microphone capsule is at ground potential, making it immune to typical interference and contamination. The microphone is supplied with a swivel mount.

The large-diaphragm capsule inside the head grille has a very smooth frequency response for all polar patterns over a wide acceptance angle. The curves are flat and parallel to the 0° frequency curve up to 10 kHz within a pickup angle of ± 100°.

This microphone has a very even diffuse-field response for all polar patterns. This is important in a reverberant environments, as more reflections arrive at the microphone from different directions. The acoustic information is not affected in its tonal quality when recorded by the microphone. This characteristic is achieved without resorting to corrective-resonance effects. The microphone maintains a great impulse response reproducing all transient music and speech without coloration.

With TLM technology the usual output transformer is replaced by an electronic circuit. As with traditional transformers, it ensures good common-mode rejection, and prevents RF interference that may influence the balanced audio signal. The self-noise level of the TLM 193 is considerably reduced. As it is capable of handling sound-pressure levels up to 140 dB without distortion, the TLM 193 provides a dynamic range of 130 dB (A-weighted).

All exposed surfaces of the microphone capsule, including the diaphragms, are at ground potential. This technology makes them highly immune to electrical and atmospheric interference and contamination through microscopic dust particles. The capsule is elastically mounted to avoid any structure-borne noise that could interfere with its operation. The frequency response of the TLM 193 amplifier is linear down to 20 Hz. Very low bass signals are reproduced without coloration. This implies that the microphone becomes more sensitive to subsonic frequencies, from structure-borne noise or pop and wind noise.

  • Large-diaphragm cardioid microphone
  • Pressure-gradient transducer
  • Transformerless circuitry
  • Low noise
  • The "plug and play" microphone for professional studios, musicians, and homerecording applications

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