Lewitt DTP Beat Kit 6 Reference Class Drum Microphone Kit

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Lewitt DTP Beat Kit 6 Reference Class Drum Microphone Kit
Lewitt DTP Beat Kit 6 Reference Class Drum Microphone Kit
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A Complete Miking Solution for Drums
Mic your entire drum kit with the Lewitt DPT Beat Kit 6 Drum Mic Kit. Ideal for stage and studio, this six microphone kit has you covered from kick drum to cymbals. There's one DTP 340 REX for bass drum, three DTP 340 TT supercardioid mics for toms and snare, and two LCT 140 condenser mics for overheads. Each mic is tailored to reproduce your drum kit's sound in exacting clarity and detail. Take care of your drum miking needs with the Lewitt DPT Beat Kit 6 drum mic kit.
  • An affordable drum and percussion microphone kit
  • 1 Lewitt DTP 340 REX kick drum mic
  • 3 DTP 340 TT supercardioid drum mics
  • 2 LCT 140 overhead condenser mics
  • High level of gain before feedback
  • Gold-plated 3-pin XLR connectors
  • Padded carrying case
  • Includes 5 shockmounts and 3 drum mounts
  • Designed for live and studio use
Deliver solid kick drum sound with the DPT 340 REX
Capture great kick drum sounds with the affordable Lewitt DTP 340 REX cardioid dynamic microphone. This mic has been optimized for kick drum and other low-frequency instruments. The cardioid-patterned mic delivers the accurate sound of your kick drum in live settings and in the studio. An "Enhanced Frequency Response" switch lets you tailor the EQ to provide optimal drum tones. Lewitt's affordable kick drum mic, the DTP 340 REX, delivers reliable kick drum sound time after time.
Use the DPT 340 TT on anything from toms to snare to bongos
The Lewitt DTP 340 TT is buit tough for any situation. With it's versatile super-cardioid polar pattern you can mic toms, snares, and other percussion with excellent rejection of other instruments. The rugged steel mesh grille and die-cast body are built to take the abuse of touring and drummers. The Lewitt DTP 340 TT's ready for any session or live show.
Overhead microphones capture the sizzle of your cymbals and punch of your kit
You'll get a lot of use out of the Lewitt LCT 140 condenser microphone if you record acoustic instruments like guitars, piano, and percussion. It's got a wide dynamic range (124dB), perfect for capturing every nuance of an expressive performance in lifelike detail. But with three different high-pass filter settings, and three different pre-attenuation settings, you can dial in the Lewitt LCT 140 to capture great sound from virtually any source.
Stage or studio, there's a Lewitt mic that's perfect for the job
Since the fall of 2009, Lewitt microphones have made their way onto some of the biggest stages across Europe and America. Combining exceptional clarity and forward-thinking technical innovation at remarkably accessible price point, these wonderful mics more than rival long-standing industry standards. What's more, the selection runs the gamut from robust dynamic handheld models to top-notch studio condensers. Whether you're looking for something for your next gig or your next recording session, a Lewitt microphone from Gear Club Direct is an excellent choice.

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