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LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X Professional Compact Sound System

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LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X
LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X
LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X
LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X
LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X
LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X
LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X
LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X
LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X
LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X
LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X
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LD Systems DAVE 12 G4X Professional Compact Sound System

Whether as a DJ, live combo, solo entertainer or at the next party: for daily live practice you need an all-round PA that convinces on all levels: with a professional sound for different applications, with a variety of connections and accessory options for fast and flexible setup on site and with maximum reliability. In a nutshell: your PA has to do its best around the clock.

With the DAVE 12 G4X, the search has come to an end. The active compact PA consisting of a 12" subwoofer and two satellites with 6.5" configuration (total power: 1460 W peak) not only offers a new, modern design with numerous handling optimizations, but also an integrated 6-channel mixer with all important input options. This allows you to create a wide variety of setups and combinations of instruments, vocals and playback devices - wired and wireless thanks to integrated Bluetooth for easy streaming via a smartphone or tablet.

The first two channels of the mixer are designed as a channel strip. Here you can optionally connect a microphone, a high-impedance instrument - for example guitar and bass - as well as line level sources. For the sound design, a 2-band EQ for bass and treble as well as an adjustable reverb with three presets (small, large, plate) are available. Channels 3+4 are designed as stereo line inputs and are suitable for keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines or small electric drum kits.

The DAVE 12 G4X becomes even more versatile when you use the digital SPDIF stereo input or Bluetooth connection to expand your performance setup with a media player, computer or smartphone that allows you to play and control backing tracks, sound effects or pause music. Likewise, the inputs (channels 5+6) can be used for a karaoke system or simply to play a TV set in the sports bar with official sound.

Speaking of official sound: The DAVE 12 G4X was designed and developed from scratch. This benefits not only instruments and music, but also speech intelligibility when PA is used for speech reinforcement. The acoustic concepts include new compression drivers and waveguides for homogeneous and directional dispersion as well as FIR filters and state-of-the-art DSP technology for a transparent, color-free sound that you are not used to from a DAVE so far. For example, the subwoofer has been equipped with a larger voice coil and an optimized bass reflex system to reduce ventilation noise to a minimum.

In general, the DAVE 12 G4X is predestined for flexible use. Last but not least, the selectable mode presets for classic stereo use or the setup with two closely adjacent satellites on a T-tripod above the subwoofer contribute to this - the DAVE G4X convinces in all configurations. For example, the last described preset enables interference-free clustering of two satellites through a special M/S splitting and playback of the stereo signal for more headroom and directivity.

LD Systems has also thought of all common applications when it comes to accessories. The range extends from custom-fit bags, over a rolling board to the mentioned T-tripod.

System Perfomance (RMS): 730 W

System Power (Peak): 1460W

SPL (continius): 120dB

SPL (Peak): 127dB

Frequency response (-10dB): 37-20000 Hz

Crossover frequency: 105Hz

Dispersion: 90° x 50°

Weight: 43.7 kg


Size Woofer: 12"

Size Woofer: 304.8 mm

Magnet woofer: Ferrite

Brand woofer: Custom Made

Voice coil woofer: 2.5"

Voice coil woofer: 63 mm

Housing design: Bass reflex

Housing material: 15mm multiplex, 18mm multiplex

Housing surface: Polyurea

Wide subwoofer: 450mm

Height subwoofer: 505 mm

Deep subwoofer: 510 mm

Weight: 27.1 kg

Features: 3 reverb presets, 6 channel mixer, Bluetooth Cluster / Stereo Preset, M20, SPDIF

Mid/Hi System

Midrange size: 6,5"

Midrange size: 165,1mm

Magnet Midrange: Ferrite

Midrange brand: Custom Made

Voice coil midrange: 1.5"

Voice coil midrange: 38.6 mm

Horn: CD Horn

Size tweeter: 0.5"

Size tweeter: 12.7 mm

Magnet tweeter: Neodymium

Voice coil tweeter: 1"

Voice coil midrange: 25.4 MM

Impedance Mid/Hi System: 4 ohms

Speaker connections Mid/Hi system: 1

Speaker connections Mid/Hi system: Speak on compatible

Housing type Mid/Hi system: Bass reflex

Carrying handles Mid / Hi System: 1

Housing material Mid/Hi system: 12 mm multiplex, 15 mm multiplex

Housing surface Mid/Hi system: Polyurea

Wide Mid/Hi system: 252 mm

Altitude Mid/Hi system: 435mm

Deep Mid/Hi system: 250 mm

Weight Mid/Hi system: 8.3 kg

Features Mid/Hi System: Star flange 16 mm

Amplifier module (integrated in the subwoofer)

Amplifier: Class D

Amplifier Power Subwoofer (RMS): 370W

Amplifier Power Mid/Hi (RMS): 2x180W

Protection circuits: Short circuit Limiter Overload

Cooling: Passive

Operating temperature: 0°C - 40°C

Humidity range: <80% (non-condensing)

Controls: Input type, Input Volume, Low / High EQ, Main Volume, Power Reverb Stereo / Cluster mode, Sub / High level

Indicators: Limit Power Protect Signal

Power supply connection: IEC

Operating voltage: 100 V AC - 240 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz

Power consumption: 300W

Multi inputs: 2 x Switchable (MIC, LINE, HI-Z)

Multi input connector: Combo XLR

Line inputs: 2

Line Input Connectors: Combo XLR, RCA

Digital inputs: 2

Digital Input Connectors: SPDIF

Speaker outputs: 2

Speaker outputs connectors: Speak on compatible

Speak on compatible: A2DP

Bluetooth audio decoder: SBC

Bluetooth Version: 5.0



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